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accessoire decoration vintage ensemble ceramiques 1950

André Sornay (1902-2000)

Collection of "tigette system" patented by the Sornay company and reason of their success between 1950 and 1970.

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Discover a selection of design pieces sourced from all over the world, vintage and authentic: furniture, chairs, lamps and decorative objects from 20th century designers.


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About us

GALERIE44 was born from the passion of a design enthusiast and collector.  Our daily work: to offer you stunning design products at a fair price and organize shipment to your home.

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They are the behind the scenes workers. The blacksmith, the marble expert, the frame magician, the upholstering master, the king of lacquer and the queen of lampshades… All deserve to be in the limelight.



Combine styles together with vintage creations or blend pieces from different times to create an interior that represents your personal style.
Have a look at our interiors to get some inspiration.


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They are American, Italian or French. True icons of 20th century design, their names evoke the most beautiful artistic furniture. Discover their history, their inspirations and their greatest successes.

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Because you don’t buy a longed for vintage piece like you buy a Swedish furniture kit, their deep history has as much value as their esthetics. So feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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